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Saturday, February 2, 2013

"Coulter D. Young III in The Den of Creations" new painting by Douglas Keil

Coulter D. Young III in "the Den of Creations" by Douglas Keil (dkeil) 2012 ink and watercolor on paper 7.875x5.875in

 the original painting is for sale at BSBS Gallery in Peekskill (info below)
To purchase the original directly,
 contact me at palatialstudios@gmail.com
or call me at 908-334-9995.
 You can pay by check or PayPal. Well-protected and insured shipping is $25.00
The painting will ship within two weeks of the conclusion of the show at BSBS.
High-quality prints are also available direct from fineartamerica.com
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...on the making of: 
"Coulter D. Young III in the Den of Creations"

When I was coming of age, Coulter's art was always a part of my life. 
Back then he was painting large pop art pastel paintings which he would set in contemporary maple frames. I always loved how the frames complimented the paintings. Aside from pastels, he took tons of panoramic photographs (back when photography was film.)
When Coulter visited us he always brought stacks and stacks of panorama photos from his adventures in far-off lands.

The den of creation includes more than a large population of metal robot sculptures, it also houses the wall of fame- an entire wall covered in photos mounted in clear plastic boxes- depicting every sort of adventure...from mountaineering to hang gliding, yachting, camping, various revelries, etc.
I'm featured in a few places, as a baby asleep in a boat, and as a cute kid growing up with my sisters.
I've always loved the wall of fame; a day at Coulter's has always been a good day.

Coulter introduced me to pastel painting, and I have fond memories of being a teen-aged hippie making big, brilliantly colored pieces with Rembrandt pastels in his art room; all the while jamming out to the "Built to Last" album.
He has always been super gracious with his art supplies, even to this day!

Lately, Coulter he has been consumed with found object sculpture, having developed his craft into an impressive collection.  His earlier series of sculptural work entitled "sk8 art" was a clever series of found object creations which he built upon the foundation of classic metal rollerskates...
You know, the old-school metal skates from the 1950s.
How did people skate in those things??
I think robot sculpture is a much better appropriation of the metal.

The "sk8 art" series has since developed into an army of rollerskating robots.
From the looks of it, they are mass communicating here;
 replicating, usurping space,
 consuming, differentiating,
 forming family trees and legends of their own.

All the bots, large and small, have at least two things in common:
     First: they are the product of a mad scientist sculptor...
     Second: they mounted on snazzy metal skates.
Beyond that, they share a lineage of estate sale cast-offs and ebay scores.
The metal odds and ends that never quite cut it in the linear line of daily life;
have now been repurposed as objects de art.

Coulter D. Young III  is a mad scientist sculptor
- an art comedian - 
the collector    the commodore    the arranger   the planner   the presenter    the sculptor
Robot surgery??....    photo copyright 2012 Theresa Keil  www.theresakeil.com
"Muscle Beach" robot sculpture by Coulter D. Young III
found object sculpture 2010
  photo by Theresa Keil

Prepare to be meet and greet the metallic underdogs.
Not exactly wallflowers, these machine shop denizens.
An expressive bunch, these bots,
a freak show of welding valor.

Unpredictable, clever, bizarre, engaging, meticulously arranged, quirky, socially conscious,  good-natured:
The robots from Coulter's "Den of Creation" 
See them while you can!

Don't miss Coutler's upcoming show!!
His recent work will be showing in Peekskill at the:

Beale Street Barbershop's Gallery
   The opening reception is:
February 2, 2013 from 6pm - 9pm.
   All are welcome to attend.


  1. LOL!!!!!!!!! Love it Doug! What an interesting guy Coulter is!!! And you have the privilege of having him in your family! The SK8 art is really cool too...thinking art-comedy is the way to go! :D Your painting is great and a wonderful tribute! Thanks for sharing the story behind it all! PS Is that you saying "howdy"?

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