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Friday, October 5, 2012

"Nathancito" portrait by dkeil (Doug Keil)

"Nathancito" by dkeil (Doug Keil) 2012 24x18in. acrylic on canvas

I love this little guy.
He is so fun, full of life, ridiculously cute and sweet (when not hungry or tired.)
I've always loved kids and thought it would be nice to be a father, but being an uncle is one of the best things that I have EVER experienced in life.
We read together all the time- his favorite books are
Richard Scarry's Best Word Book Ever and Blueberries For Sal.
We also like to look at Learn from the Great Teacher and My Book of Bible Stories.
He loves to look at paintings too, pointing out different things in them that he is interested in.

Recently, he loves the song on the new DVD "Be Jehovah's Friend" and wants to gather us all together to sing with him. It almost makes me feel like crying it's so sweet. Other than that, we play with blocks, make drawings, look at flowers in the yard, and our favorite thing in "the whole wide world" is to take bike rides together- Nathancito rides along in a hiking pack I found at the thrift store for $5. He squeals with delight as we ride around town. Especially when we cross the grassy field at the school near the house where I grew up.

He's such a great kid. Here's my portrait of him, trying to relate that beautiful, innocent, sweet energy that makes him so wonderful.
I love you Nathan!
-Uncle Doug


  1. Thanks for sharing! There is nothing quite like the love of (and for) a child...and in my personal opinion,a boy child. How wonderful for you and your family to have little Nathan in your lives. The painting is beautifully done and definitely portrays that sweet, innocence of childhood. :)

    1. He is a cute little guy. Spending time with him helps put life in a better perspective. Keeping life simple is good. Then kids have more opportunities to spend time with the adults in their lives. Yhanks for commenting!

  2. This is a beautiful painting. He is a great kid with an equally great uncle!

    1. Aww thanks for the kind words Nancy!

  3. Great Pic Doug, you capture the essence of your nephew. Ever time I see him he is so full of life and always laughing. I can see on day not only will he enjoy his rides with his uncle but I can see him being friends with all the nieghborhood animals in the new world . That would be so cute to watch, but until then uncle doug keep on spending as much time as possible with him, they are only young once.bruce lewis

  4. Awwww mon bebe!! Quite beautiful, well done Doug!! (and quite beautiful Woo for ze original!) - Valerie Seestor

  5. To my nephew,
    You captured the precious essence of your nephew.
    Aunt Jackie