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Thursday, August 9, 2012

"Midsummer on the Hudson" painting by dkeil (Douglas Keil)

"Midsummer on the Hudson"  by dkeil - Douglas Keil   2012  acrylic on wood panel   8.75 x 29.75 in.

(click on the photo to see it enlarged)

I had a great time up on the Hudson River this past weekend.
The Shattemuc Yacht Club in Ossining, NY hosted its 2nd annual Plein Air Paint Out and the atmosphere was great! It was a beautiful day for boating and and even better day for painting.
The event was organized by the commodore of the club, Coulter D. Young III. A man who, aside from being a quite capable adventurer, is an artist known for his quirky anthropomorphic robot sculptures and the definition of "cool uncle." I have to write a blog post about him soon.
He and his son have both had an enormous effect on my artistic development since I was a youth.

The gist of the event was: bring your paints, do your thing, and later in the day we'll have an auction.
70% of the proceeds went to the artists and 30% helped to fund sailing classes for teens.
There were about forty artists, and there was some excellent talent was on site.
I remembered a number of people from last year's event as well as many from the Garrison Landing Plein Air events, which occur further north on the Hudson. Stephen Doherty, the editor of Plein Air Magazine was observed setting oil to canvas and George Lowry of NYC's Swann Galleries and a regular on The Antique Roadshow was seen bidding in the audience. There were probably some additional celebrity art-loving-types too, but I didn't pay much attention during the auction process.

Driving down to Ossining in the morning, I wasn't all that excited to paint.
A thick grey gloom hung on the land. However, by the time I had consumed a couple cups of coffee, talked art shop with some folks at the clubhouse, and finally set up my easel, the colors were coming around.
By late morning the view was fantastic!
I shared a park bench under a willow tree with a sweet older lady, Roslyn Miller. We dabbed away at our paintings and jammed out to some old-school hippie music on my mp3 player.

Life is good.
Someone needs to make one of those shirts for the plein air painters.
Hmmm.... Any takers?

A great lady bought my painting; Sharon Rowe. She's the founder and CEO of Ecobags.com, a company which is defiinitely hip to the "reduce, reuse, recycle" mantra of environmental consciousness. You can read about her success here. Besides that, she was sweet; letting me snap a picture of her with the painting to show the world that being a patron of the arts will make you smile!

Update (8-20-12)
Steve Doherty (mentioned above) published an article featuring the Shattemuc Yacht Club Plein Air Paint-Out on OutdoorPainter.com.
There is even a picture of with a picture of the painting underway.
Thanks for including me!

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  1. Congratulations Doug on this beautiful painting! Glad the day "became nice and the colors came around." It certainly made for a very awesome landscape to paint! Also, congratulations to Sharon Roe for the lovely purchase! Thank you for also having prints available! ~Janice Heinzelman

  2. Very nice! I love the vista of Ossining. The Hudson is so beautiful. I like the color of the water with the reds in the blue and how it becomes lighter color by the mountains.