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Friday, January 20, 2012

Sunset at the Bay

"Sunset at the Bay" by dkeil (Douglas Keil) 9.25x22.5 acrylic on wood- 2011

There is something that just blows the mind about watching the sunset over a body of water.
Sunset is a great time of the day to reflect. The artistry of a sunset is incredible. Nothing we could ever paint can capture the intensity, but painters have tried millions of times throughout the ages.
I once read that the human eye can perceive 300,000 different colors. Sunsets probably capture a good majority of them, lacking only in the greens.

I love watching sunsets, trying to figure out the colors. I also love them as a time for reflection on the day.
It's a good time to pray, to be thankful for being alive.  Whether the day went well or not, I know that anyone who can create something so wonderful can certainly keep the planet going and fix it up when the time is right..

One cool thing about sunsets is that there is always one happening as the earth spins.
Here's a sunset you can enjoy at any time of day.
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